Welcome to Reza Restaurant, serving the finest in Persian Cuisine.

We are open Mon-Sat 12:00PM to 23:00PM.

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Iranian have looked at food at 3 different ways for many centuries; medicinal, philosophical and cultural.

Physicians and philosophers considered food and beverages as the main factor to revive the body. Consuming a lot of red meat and fats was thought to create evil thoughts and make us selfish. However, consuming a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, fish, fowl, mixed petals and blossoms of roses create unusual powers and make us gentle and noble.
From cultural aspect, food was considered to be an art providing enjoyment to both body and mind.
Iranians refined the taste and flavor of food and how it is presented although it still retains roots in its ancient sources. Iranians cook based on what is in season so the food is as fresh and as best quality as it can be.
Iran was first to use many common herbs such as basil, mint, cumin, cloves, and coriander. Many different foods originated or where introduced in Iran such as oranges, pistachios, spinach, saffron, sweet and sour sauces, kabobs, almond pastries, etc.
No accurate record of classical Persian cooking is available but we hear that the techniques of cooking have been passed down generation to generation.

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