Mixed Rices


Veg Starters

Veg Mains


1. Soup of the Day

Please ask a member of staff

2. Stuffed Pepper

Pepper baked with mince lamb, rice, split peas, onions, herbs & a selection of condiment

3. Stuffed Vine Leaves

Vine leaves wrapped with rice, herbs, onions & condiment

4. Grilled Aubergine

Grilled aubergine lightly fried with garlic, onion, tomato puree & saffron mixed with eggs

5. Kofteh

A combination of minced lamb, rice and herbs shaped in mini balls

6. Borani

Spinach boiled & mixed with herbs & condiment with yoghurt

7. Fried Aubergine Dip

Aubergine fried with garlic, onions & mint mixed with sour cream

8. Halim Bademjan

Aubergine fried with green lentil, onions, lamb & walnuts

10. Potato Supreme

Boiled potato & eggs, chicken mixed with gherkins, carrots, garden peas & mayonnaise

11. Combi Platter (5)

A selection of 5 of any of the above starters

12. Combi Platter (3)

A selection of 3 of any of the above starters

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